Rendering Services Bromley

Rendering Services Bromley

Render your property with our experienced roofers in Bromley.

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ECO Roofing Rendering Services Bromley

Slate & Tiled Roofs

Slate & Tiled Roofs

Slate & Tiled Roofs

Slate & Tiled Roofs

Rendering a property involves applying layers of a substance to the external walls. This substance is made up of a mixture of materials, which may include cement, sand, and other aggregates.

To think of rendering another way, it's kind of like plastering. Except instead of applying plaster to the inside of the house, rendering is applied to the outside.


The desired effect is to improve the overall aesthetic of the outside of your property. For example, you may have brickwork that is decades old, scuffed, and just generally looking very tired. Rendering the outside of your home could make it look newer, more appealing, and add value.

Rendering Services Bromley
Rendering in Bromley

If you choose our rendering services in Bromley, we can help you choose the best option and colour for your property. This level of choice is something a lot of our customers really like, especially if you moved into the property and haven't had the chance to make it your own yet.

The render can be pre-coloured, or you can choose a paint with the colour you really love to improve the aesthetic of your home.

Not only does rendering improve the look of your house, it can also provide a new layer of protection.

Slate & Tiled Roofs

Slate & Tiled Roofs

Choosing ECO Roofing to provide our rendering services could protect your walls, weatherproof them, and prevent against general damage or damp.

Exterior walls which have render on them are also more likely to improve the thermal efficiency within the property. You cannot use render as official insulation, but rendering will more than likely help keep the heat inside your home. Another added benefit to this option we provide for our customers in Bromley and the local area.

Rendering Bromley

How much does rendering in Bromley cost?

As with many of our Bromley roofing services, the cost will depend on your property and the choice you make in terms of materials. We like to offer our customers a choice.

For Cement Render, you can expect to pay somewhere between £35 and £60 per square metre.

Monocouche Render generally comes in at between £50 to £85 per m2.

Acrylic/Silicone Render ranges between £60 and £90 per m2 but must be used in addition to cement render.

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